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What is the best camcorder under 300 dollars to use for skate boarding? Dont care if its from Ebay.?


A. I would consider Panasonic HDCTM15 16GB Full HD Camcorder
* Image Sensor (Effective) - 1.17 megapixels [16 - 9] / 1.17 megapixels [16 - 9] [Still Image] / Total Pixels 1.47 megapixels
* Optical Zoom 16x Focal Length 2.95-47.2mm; 35mm Film Camera Equivalent 44.1-706mm [16 - 9]
* Filter Diameter 30.5mm

hi what camcorder around 300 dollar range has really good quality and sound and night vision and high def?
Q. i am 16 i just got a job and i wan to buy camcorder cause i love to make funny short movies but i want to know what is a good camcorder that has really good quality like 5 mega pixels is that good like if i was to make a video and put it on you tube it wouldnt be fuzzy or in pixels it would be a great video also i want a cam corder that has night vision and what is so specail about a high def camcorder also how would i be able to put my videos on a dvd so if u know a camcorder that would cover the things i need thank u

A. There is no camcorder that meets all your requirements.

If you drop the high definition requirements, look into the Sony consumer standard definition camcorders (DCR-HC52) for "good quality and sound and night vision".

If you drop the high definition and Night Vision requirements, look into the Canon ZR900 and ZR930 or the FS100.

Camcorders do not measure their image resolution using mega pixels - only still cameras do.

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Which canon vixia camcorder?

Q. I am looking to get a camcorder for skim videos... I was looking at the hfs20 and hfs10 but now there are some new ones out... I get really overwhelmed when looking at all the specs so i need some help... i was also looking at the canon t3i or t2i so give me those vs the vixia series.. Thank you

A. I would suggest to check out Canon VIXIA HV40 HD HDV Camcorder
HDV format delivers high-definition video to miniDV tape
Genuine Canon 10x HD video lens; SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer
DIGIC DV II image processor; 24p Cinema Mode, 30p Progressive Mode
2.7-inch Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD

What camcorder should I get?
Q. I want something with relatively good video quality and very good audio quality. I'm a songwriter and I like to record my songs, but I'm only willing to spend about $250-$300 dollars on one. What kind of camcorder should I get?

A. I recommended Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder with 37x Optical Zoom.
Price: $299.00
Technical Details
Record video directly to a removable SDHC memory card
Genuine Canon lens with 41x Advanced Zoom, 37x optical zoom and 2000x digital zoom
Digic DV II image processor
Widescreen HR recording, Dual Shot Mode and Image Stabilizer
Ultra-sleek, lightweight design allows you to take your camcorder with you anywhere

Zoom is good, and a steady hand or tripod is highly recommended for longer shots. Quick to start up, the auto lens cover is great, battery life also great.

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